Are you aware of latest android app features?

Are you aware of latest android app features?

Are you aware of latest android app features?

Smart phones are one of the important part in our life even we can’t ignore it for a single minute. Android app development companies in Australia is also having a big contribution in transforming a phone to a smart phone. With the present smart phones you can perform various activities along with making calls and sending SMS, like you can collect all the information from any corner of the world. Mobile companies in Australia are working hard day by day to upgrade the technology to a new level.  It is a fact that the features in android apps are too easy and convenient for user to perform. As each day is rising with sun in the same way developers are also coming up with new technologies and features for the regular updates.

Introduction to the new android apps features, which makes your life easier:

Many new features have taken the attention of users because the android app developers have introduced attractive features. And below are the features mentioned:

Multitasking:  Android apps need not to be updated every now and then to use this feature. At a time we can switch between the apps we need. Android app developers has innovated this feature in order to make the life simpler. You can have a multi-window view and a quick switch between apps and also run two or more apps at a time.

Settings: The settings menu has also undergone a modification. This option made our life simpler as in we can get every information for the setup of email account or voice command etc. Each option gives you bit information of those apps which will save you to maintain the space in the phone. You can also on the data saver mode to save the data. Android app developers are adding new set of list like backup and restore, accessibility and so on to make our life easy.

New emoticons: Android app developers introduced these new emoticons to give a new experience to user. And all those Emojis represents some emotions in them, it makes the chatting experience much enjoyable.

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